Progressing Ballet Technique Comes to the US

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Albuquerque Dance SchoolProgressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is a unique and innovative program designed to help students understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. Developed by Marie Walton-Mahon in Sydney, Australia, PBT uses a fit ball, thera bands and other tools to aid dancers in their training. PBT has amazing success in guiding dancers in their understanding of core strength, stability and alignment. Walton-Mahon has almost four decades of experience in training dancers that accompanies her passion for safety in strong, classical training. The success of her program has been proven in the great number of her students who have gone on to prestigious professional careers.

PBT is New to the US

Recently, PBT was brought to the United States by Megan Berlint-Nicko, whose home studio is Magnify Dance Center in Albuquerque, NM. Megan was fascinated with how Marie’s unique method could help ballet dancers improve their technique and also give them tools for safer training. In Megan’s own personal dance career, she had struggled to access certain muscles that she knew were important to be used for turn out and core strength. Megan started using the Progressing Ballet Technique program on herself and started to see results in her own muscles and core area. Her thoughts then extended to her teaching and her students. Megan says, “If I can give dancers the tools to train smarter and more safely at an early age, there will be fewer injuries, longer careers and happier dancers!”

After months of studying the program, Megan traveled to Sydney, Australia to train directly with Walton-Mahon. This training gave Megan a full understanding of the program as well as the experience to incorporate this training with her own students. As a result of her one-on-one training with Marie, Megan now holds a Certification in the Progressing Ballet Technique program, which allows her to hold workshops for teachers and students all across the US marketplace. With Walton-Mahon’s support and backing, Megan’s future goals include growing the PBT program at her home studio, Magnify Dance Center, as well as holding teacher and student workshops around the US.

Is PBT the Right Fit?

The PBT program can be incorporated into a dancer’s training, not only in a dedicated class, but also by having the student correct issues right in ballet class by working with the fit ball. Progressing Ballet Technique program will benefit any dancer wanting to enhance technique and strength by offering an understanding of how to use muscles correctly and safely.


  1. I am interested in learning and teaching this technique – are there any teacher/adult workshops planned? I live Rio Rancho

  2. Yes! We have a teacher workshop coming up July 18. Please contact the program director, Megan Nicko, for details: