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REGISTRATION FOR THE 2021 - 2022 SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS March 16, 2021! (August - May School Year)


For young dancers ages 2 to 7 years old, our Primary Division is designed to provide a magical discovery of the world of dance…the studio, the mirrors, the music, the teacher, the ballet slippers…and the movement! Children learn to follow the gentle physical lead of their teacher, and to funnel their desire to dance into actual skill. Posture and traditional class etiquette begins from the moment they step into class. Music played in class ranges from classical piano ballet music to symphonic and Disney.





A 30-minute class for ages 2-4 years. Guided by our faculty, parents will assist their young dancer in foundational aspects of classical ballet class, including posture, placement and stretching. This is a fun and interactive way to introduce your little one to the world of dance.







Primary Ballet I, II, III  

These 45-minute or one-hour classes transition our preschoolers into young dancers. Classes are designed to reflect the discipline of classical ballet, while maintaining fun and imploring the imaginations of our students. Posture, flexibility and a dancer’s necessary comportment are developed.

Our ballet faculty members have collective decades of experience and share the belief that ballet technique should be taught with a foundation in correct mechanics and placement, building on the basics to incorporate beauty, strength and performance.




Primary Cecchetti Syllabus I, II & III

As implemented by the Cecchetti Council of America, MDC offers three pre-examination courses for younger children, ages 4 – 7, that will develop poise and musicality in a fun and creative environment. The Primary One, Two, and Three syllabus instills the love of dance and allows for creative expression. The teacher directs and leads the students as they grow in understanding of and strength in ballet.


For 5-7 year olds, our one-hour jazz classes help to showcase

each dancer’s individual style.  Energetic and fun, jazz uses hips

and syncopation, fancy footwork, and musicality to prepare our

dancers for later training of kicks,leaps and turns.


Mini Movers

This 45-minute class is for the young dancer who can't stop moving and grooving! Using coordination, musicality, imagery and imagination, we will learn dance skills, terminology, improvisation and more in a fun and engaging environment! Your dancer will flourish with creativity. (Ages 5-7)