Magnify Dance Ensemble Repertory

The company's repertory spans time, from generations past to new beginnings. We strive to preserve our history while keeping up with the current wave of dance within the concert dance world. As new genres take form, it is important to expose our company to a versatile background in order for our pre-professional dancers to withhold a high level of excellence, knowledge, and experience in a very competitive dance world. Each program challenges the dancers in different ways and allows the dancers to shine in both their technique and artistry. 

Christmas Joy (1984)

Come…Experience the Miracle!….Awaken your heart to the true Spirit of Christmas in dance as Magnify Dance Ensemble (The Performers Ballet & Jazz Co.) will present the 36th season of its Bravos Award-winning holiday production, Christmas Joy. Over sixty classically-trained dancers will once again inspire audiences in the National Hispanic Cultural Center’s Albuquerque Journal Theater with a collection of moving and inspirational classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance performances choreographed to traditional and contemporary Christmas music. 
A moving and uplifting production, Christmas Joy has become an Albuquerque holiday tradition. In 1999, members of the Albuquerque Arts Alliance conferred the Bravos Award for Dance Excellence upon The Performers Ballet & Jazz Company. In addition, in 2012 Christmas Joy was awarded the Albuquerque Community Live Art and Performance Services (Q-Claps), Applause Award for favorite performance.
Start the season with the wonder and awe of the true Christmas story. Experience the Miracle!
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How Love Wins (2014)

Magnify Dance Ensemble (The Performers Ballet and Jazz Co.) returns to the Albuquerque Journal Theater at the National Hispanic Cultural Center with a sequel to its Bravos Award-winning holiday production, Christmas Joy in spring of 2021.
Inspired by the Gospel and expressed through dance, the story of How Love Wins is filled with meaningful and engaging choreography. Progressing from the birth of Jesus through His life, death, and resurrection, this repertoire carries on the professionalism and extraordinary level of performance art our audiences have come to expect. This production was conceived and choreographed by Wendy Miner and came alive as a new opportunity for our dancers to share the redeeming love of our Savior with our audiences. The Miracle Continues!

Spring Gala (2019)

Magnify Dance Ensemble, (The Performers Ballet & Jazz Co. ) an Albuquerque-based dance company operating since 1981, announced its premiere Spring Gala in the beautiful Albuquerque Journal Theater at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.
Our first Gala showcased 65 classically-trained dancers in new and re-staged classical and contemporary works. An avant-garde production by this highly-acclaimed Company redefined concert dance in our city. The performance premiered a renowned collection of classical ballet repertoire. Choreographers included Alex Ketley, Artistic Director of The Foundry, San Francisco, California, as well as local artists Karen Alwin, Andrea Basile, Wendy Miner, and Kelsey Paschich.
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Dancer Initiative Project is a collection of new works created by our dancers, for our dancers. This is a mixed rep performance including ballet, pointe, contemporary and jazz works choreographed by our Senior dancers and danced by our full company. Senior dancers are mentored to grow through the concept - to - stage process by our artistic staff, and all dancers benefit from working with new choreographers and movement. Each choreographer will learn exponentially through this experience by choosing music, working with new dancers, creating costumes, experimenting with choreography, and lighting their piece. This is a wonderful new addition to our repertory!