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Here are the answers to some general questions…

Q: What does my child wear to class?

A: Download our Dress Code 2018 form for a complete list of acceptable attire for each class.

Q: When do classes take place?

A: Our 2018 - 2019 schedule is updated on the “Download Forms” page on our website. Please note that this schedule is for reference only. Approval for placement must be made by our office staff or faculty prior to registration.

Our 2017 - -2018 Class Schedule will be based on enrollment, as we handpick and place each dancer in the class(es) that are his/her perfect fit. Our 18-19 Schedule will be similar to our 17-18 schedule, so check that out for reference only. (You’ll find it on our “Download Forms” page on our website.) Classes offered will be based on enrollment, and the schedule is subject to change. Dancers will be notified of their scheduled over the summer.

Q: Do you offer make-up classes for missed classes?

A: Though we desire full attendance and participation, we understand occasional absences do occur. Please consult our Make Up Class (MDC Make-Up-Classes 2018-2019) offerings for an appropriate alternative class. Please note that not all classes have a suitable alternative class. No refunds or pro-rating is given for missed classes.

Q: What in the world is Cecchetti, and how do you pronounce it?

A: Cecchetti (Pronounced like “check-ET-ee”) method of ballet was developed by Enrico Cecchetti in Italy as a revision of French technique. Cecchetti develops all of the qualities essential to the dancer: balance, poise, strength, elevation and elasticity. MDC Faculty believe strongly in the great foundation that Cecchetti training gives all dancers. Cecchetti students may elect to participate in yearly evaluation exams with liaisons who travel to NM from the Cecchetti Council of America.

Q: How much do classes cost?

A: Find a complete list of our Tuition fees under the Tuition tab on our website.

Q: What’s your Inclement Weather/Snow day policy?

A: MDC follows the APS schedule for abbreviated days or cancellations due to snow. If APS is on an abbreviated (two-hour delay) schedule, all MDC morning classes (before noon) will be cancelled; but all MDC afternoon classes will run as regularly scheduled. If APS cancels school, then all MDC classes will be cancelled for the day.