COVID - 19

Hello Magnify Community!


Magnify will be closed for all regular programming beginning Tuesday, March 17.

Our teachers have already (and will continue to be) busy providing our best to our dancers, just in a new format, while we wait for the world to get back to normal. 

Today we offered livestream class and recorded much more content we will share with you in the coming days and week(s).

As we all stay put, we encourage each dancer to use this time to take class at home, do exercises and strengthening (we'll be sending out lots of ideas for this!) and please, please, practice your Showcase dances. Videos of each dance will be sent out in the coming days with direct links, so each dancer may practice. These are private videos, only accessible through the link provided, so that anyone searching can't see/watch.

Online teaching tools, Magnify "homework," lessons, challenges, exercises and more will be coming to you very soon! We are excited to offer our same high quality teaching in an expanded format and we also intend to provide future opportunities of guest instructors and mini workshops to support our dancers. 
Stay safe, Magnify Family, and we hope to see you soon!

Take advantage of these amazing resources including free classes you can take and more!