COVID - 19

*All participants are required to sign a Covid-19 Waiver that must be turned in on the first day of classes! *

Update: 1/5/2021

Happy 2021! We are continuing to adjust our operations to adhere to all government mandates with regard to Covid-safe practices, cleaning & sanitizing and occupancy restrictions. Where necessary, ongoing classes will be adjusted, and you will be notified if your student will be affected. 

Beginning January 4 school-year classes will resume as they had been running from August-early November. Unless otherwise notified, students will return to their regular in-person or virtual class schedule. 

All accounts will be adjusted to reflect any remaining or unused credit from November, and this will be reflected in January tuition. We will essentially pick up where we left off, and you do not need to re-enroll or do anything on your end. Our Faculty can't wait to get back to class with the dancers! 

Thanks for your continued support and solidarity through every twist and turn the past months have provided. We will continue to do all we can to provide loving instruction in a healthy and safe environment.


Please remember our class policies below, with regard to operations in a Covid-safe manner.  

  • All dancers, teachers, staff and parents (attending Primary classes) must wear a face covering.

  • Dancers will have a temperature check upon arrival and prior to admittance.

  • Please do NOT send your dancer if they have any symptoms, are not feeling well or have had any exposures.

  •  Due to reduced capacity, we are unable to offer makeup classes at this time. We hope to be able to offer makeup vouchers for missed classes once restrictions ease. 

  • Class times will be reduced by 3-5 minutes to allow for extra cleaning and change-over of students. 

  • Classes which don't meet a minimum enrollment will be cancelled. 

  • Dis-enrollment requires 30 day written notice.

  • School year classes run through May 22, 2021.

Magnify Dance Center’s Covid-19 Plan Rev. 8/8/2020

We are beyond thrilled at the prospect of being together again! However, this also comes with some new steps, in order to keep our dancers and staff safe and healthy. We have taken necessary precautions to protect the safety and personal choices of our families.

Based on current state guidelines, we have put together an initial plan below. Keep in mind that plans may be adjusted as pandemic risk increases or diminishes .

Covid Waiver:

All dancers attending class must submit an additional waiver, which addresses COVID-19, which will be sent via email to all registered students. Please read, sign and submit this prior to or on their first day of class. DANCERS WITHOUT A SIGNED WAIVER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.

Covid Triage Screening:

We will take temperatures of all students and staff upon arrival each day. Anyone with a temperature of 100.5 degrees or higher will be asked to return home. Should any staff or students begin to show symptoms of COVID-19 or discover they have been exposed to someone who has been infected, they will not be allowed to attend.

PPE and Social Distancing:

Regarding masks, we are following the Governor’s mandate of wearing masks at all times. At this time, masks are required, even while dancing/exercising. If/when that mandate is lifted to not include exercise, masks will be at the discretion of each dancer. Given that masks are mandated, we do encourage parents to begin acclimating their younger children to wearing


We have had to cap our enrollment, which keeps us below the occupancy load required/allowed for us at this time. Because of this, many of our in-person classes are now full. We do have a wait list established as well as the option, in some cases, to attend our virtual offerings until a spot becomes available.

Because of occupancy mandates, and in order to have less people in general, we will not be open for parent observation of classes with the exception of our youngest students (Mommy+Me, Primary 1 & 2 Ballet & Mini Movers—these students may have one

parent/guardian accompany them in the building and observe class). Otherwise, only dancers and necessary teachers/staff will be in the building.

Our staff and dancers will be asked and guided to ensure they are social distancing at all times.

Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures: Dancers should not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to their first class and must be picked up

(outside) right as class concludes. Parents dropping off dancers should pull up to the patio area to allow their dancer to exit the

vehicle. Parents must wait until the dancer has completed their temperature check before leaving. We will work as quickly as possible to check in each dancer, but lines are likely to form. Please be patient as we work out this new system! Please don’t allow any dancer to be dropped off at the street or in the parking lot to navigate walking through the line of cars unattended.

What to Bring & What Not to Bring:

Dressing rooms will not be available. Dancers will be asked to bring only the essentials each day. Dancers who are being dropped off for a single class: please be ready in your dance clothes and dance shoes and bring only yourself into class. Older dancers with longer classes or back-to-back classes, please limit what you bring, as your dance bag will have to be stored in the dance room.

For any older students who must come straight from school and also have a school backpack, that bag may be stored in the dressing room, but no congregating may take place in the dressing rooms.

Dancers should bring their own roll up mat for any integration classes. Dancers should not share any personal belongings, including therabands and tennis balls for class. Steps we will take to keep our spaces healthy: All studios and common areas will be professionally cleaned and will undergo routine disinfecting throughout each day with a commercial grade cleaner.

Ballet barres and any teaching tools used will also undergo a cleaning before and after use. When temperatures and weather allow, we will take advantage of the fresh air and have our external garage door and other external doors open for circulation.

We have readily available supplies such as hand sanitizer, soap and water, tissues, etc.


Alternatives for high-risk families:

We understand that some families will have a lower risk tolerance than others and may prefer to keep their dancer home. We are currently offering online/virtual classes for those interested. Once we meet a minimum number of enrollment for any given age/experience/genre, we will form an online class for them.

Make-up classes:

Due to our very strict occupancy restrictions, we are not able to offer makeup classes at this time, as we would not be able to guarantee an open spot for any given class. However, we will offer a make-up credit that may be used at a future time (next spring or after) when we are a bit more back to “normal” and occupancy loads are greater.


Our school’s refund policy will remain the same. Registration fees are non-refundable and MDC does not offer refunds for missed classes. To discontinue classes, please notify us in writing ( with 30 days notice. It is important to note that we will not be able to provide refunds for any students who must miss class because of illness/self-quarantine/temperature of 100.5 or higher at check-in. Our budgeted expenses and fixed costs continue, and our small business is not able to accommodate

disenrollments without 30 days notice or requests for refunds for any missed classes. We will provide make-up class credits for any absences.

We are so grateful for your continued support of the studio during this crazy time. We are very excited to see smiling faces back together, learning and having fun! We pledge to do all we can to keep everyone safe and healthy, while pursuing their own growth

and enjoyment in classes.


Team MDC

**As a reminder of our student handbook policy, email is our primary means of communication, so please continue to check your email from us often, and always reach out if you think there’s something you missed!